Worldgemsinvest - Newsletter #3 New features

Greetings dear members,

We are pleased to announce some new features on your program :

Firstly, we launch our Facebook page, some of you may already seen it before , or have already noticed the present link on our home page.
Feel free to visit, comment, ask questions, we will respond and participate on this page as much as we can.

In addition, we have included new deposit methods on the website:
The first is the bankwire, some for whom the addition of funds to an e-currency is complicated, do not hesitate to use this option wich is quite fast. After receiving the funds, we will add your deposit into your members area in a few hours later.
We also choose to use Western Union, which remains a very quick and easy option for people pressed. As well as bank transfer, we will add funds to your members areas in two or three hours after received your funds.

Thank you contact us directly to get the necessary informations when you will decide to invest, or add more money on your actual active deposit.

Thank you all for your support & trust,
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further informations,

We wish you a great success in our program!

Best regards

Mar-22-2013 01:28:55 PM