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New prices added

New prices added! Now lower prices for listing and advertise! Now we accept many payment systems! Welcome!

May-17-2010 04:50:11 PM

New script

New script installed

May-17-2010 04:48:05 PM

Accept SolidTrustPay

Now we accept new payment system SolidTrustPay
Our account FMonitorru

Apr-11-2010 09:59:35 AM

Accept GlobalDigitalPay

Now we accept new payment system GlobalDigitalPay
Our account G0911306

Apr-11-2010 09:57:19 AM

Accept EuroGoldCash

Now we accept new payment system EuroGoldCash
Our account P7600659

Apr-2-2010 08:26:46 PM

F-Monitor TopList

Free counter, rank and banner place for your program...
<a href=><b>F-Monitor TopList</b></a>

Jul-22-2009 01:44:01 PM

F-Monitor Forum

F-Monitor Forum installed and testing now...
<a href=><b>F-Monitor Forum</b></a>

Jul-22-2009 01:41:48 PM

Frequent DDOS attacks!

Frequent DDOS attacks! Passed to the new host with DDOS defence!

Jul-11-2009 03:31:07 PM

RefBack Program Started

RefBack Up to 150% Started

Jun-24-2009 06:54:21 PM

LibertyReserve System

Liberty Reserve system now is working back

Jun-15-2009 09:16:57 AM